Republican Joe LaPorta is running to represent the 12th Senate District towns of Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, and North Branford. Whether at home or at the Capitol, Joe will fight to make Connecticut an affordable place for all to live. It’s time to return common-sense leadership to Hartford.

Joe is ready to fight for a competitive and strong Connecticut. Here are his views on the top issues affecting taxpayers:


Connecticut has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We cannot continue to expect the taxpayers of Connecticut to foot the bill for the lack of accountability in Hartford. We must right-size our state government; implement accounting controls to find and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse; and return to passing legitimate, balanced state budgets.


Tolls will drive up the cost of doing business in Connecticut – getting to work, trucking goods into our state – and will add another layer of bureaucracy for our state government to manage. Worst of all, tolls disproportionately hurt lower income families, as the cost to drive from New Haven to Stamford would be the same for the investment banker as it would be for the butcher. Tolls are another tax that Connecticut families cannot afford to absorb.


A quality education for our children is a hallmark of a Connecticut upbringing. I believe the more opportunity we give our teachers and local administrators to make decisions for our children, the better off they will be. I strongly oppose the actions taken during the 2019 legislative session to force school districts to regionalize. Any decisions to regionalize services should be made on a voluntary basis between school districts and be based upon student, faculty, and administrative needs, not the opinions of politicians and bureaucrats.

About Joe LaPorta

Born and raised in Waterbury, Joe is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. Joe and his wife, Lauren, moved to Southington before settling in Madison to raise their four children, Anthony, Elise, Natalie, and Vincent. He is a graduate of Sacred Heart High School in Waterbury and holds three degrees from the University of Hartford (B.S. Electrical Engineering, M. Engineering, and M.B.A.) all Summa Cum Laude. Joe is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Connecticut and Massachusetts with a concentration in Electrical Power and is currently in the process of obtaining his Real Estate Salesperson license.

A newcomer to politics, Joe joined the Madison Republican Town Committee shortly after moving to town in April 2017. He volunteered for candidates in the 2018 statewide elections and 2019 municipal elections, and he served as a delegate to the 2018 Republican State Convention and the 2019 12th District State Central Convention. Joe believes that the family is the most essential unit of American society and is a strong advocate for individual rights. He is most concerned with diminishing opportunities in Connecticut and the staggering statistics of how many Connecticut businesses and residents are choosing to leave this state.

Aside from politics, Joe’s personal interests include coaching his son’s little league baseball team, designing and repairing vacuum tube guitar amplifiers, reading old books, cooking, grilling, and baking. Joe enjoys being outside and can often be found during the warmer months riding his bike or paddling on his stand-up paddle board, and in the colder months, hiking, canoeing, hunting, or fishing. He is a member at the Guilford Sportsmen’s Association and is a board member of the Connecticut Chapter of Delta Waterfowl, a conservation organization dedicated to improving waterfowl conditions in North America.

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